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Friday, December 28, 2001

We report -- you decide!

The following was authored by Thomas Eugene Smith at age 86, who has had a stroke and wished to say one last thing to his country. He is a veteran, having served on the U.S.C.G. -manned AKA-17 Centaurus, in the Pacific Theater, WWII. A retired railroad lineman, Mr. Smith has devoted 55 years of his life to his wife, child, and grandchildren, and has lived an honest and hardworking man all his life.

His statement reads as follows:

The following items are all on public record and can be verified in your local library.

President Roosevelt with a democratic congress were the beginning of the following legislation. Each and every one of these acts were voted against by the majority of the Republican members of Congress at the time of their presentation. Had they have been in the majority at the time, none of those acts would have been placed into law.

Some of the acts are:

Social Security and unemployment comp

Fair Employment Bureau

Medical Disaster Relief

AAA – Aging Adm. Act

Agriculture Adj. Adm.

RFC – Child labor laws

Civil Works Adm.

Economic Stabilization Act

Fair labor standards

F.T.C. Commission

Federal Emergency Relief Act

F.A.A. - Securities – Banking Laws

Federal Housing Act

Food & Drug act

Health Education and Welfare

Soil Conservation

Works Project Adm

Civil Conservation Corps

(CCC) (Needed now)

About as many omitted as listed here

The following are some of the things built by the WPA & CCC that helped the country as it gave people wages to keep from starving and to save their dignity and to build needed projects for the country. Most paid for themselves and made a profit above cost.

Ohio Valley flood control system

Roads and bridges to Key West, FL

Seaport for Brownsville, TX

Lincoln Tunnel NY to NJ

Triborough Bridge NY to Long Island

Electrified Penn RR

City of Denver Water Supply System

Built the DC Mall

Built DC Zoo

Federal Trade Comm Building

Built Calif Camarillo Mental Health Bldg

Built Fort Knox Gold Depository Bldg

San Francisco Fairgrounds

Dallas, TX Dealy Plaza

St. Louis Conservatory

Bonneville Dam

Tenn. Valley Authority dams

(Multiplied avg. income in valley and gave this section their first electricity)

Planted over 200 million trees

Completed Colorado Boulder Dam

(Started by Pres. Hoover and taken over by Democrats to finished. 200 WPA workers died here)

WPA and CCC in 1930s did all this AND MORE

Built Waterworks for many towns

Built many post offices

Built and repaired Bridges everywhere

Built Jails – Airports – Sewers – Culverts – Sidewalks – Public Swimming Pools – Athletic fields – Play Grounds – Civic Buildings – R. R. Stations – Repaired National parks – Many, many dams – 4H campgrounds – School houses – new roads – new hospitals – city calls.

Put unemployed teachers back to work.


All of the above listed acts were passed for all our conservative and liberal citizens alike.

Truman, Johnson, and Clinton guided like legislation.

Pres. Theo. Roosevelt was the only Pres. on the Rep. Side who ever did legislation of a like kind.

True, Pres. Eisenhower was the architect of our Hwy. System. He saw the potential from observing Hitler's system in Germany. He financed the project with a gas tax. Pres. Eisenhower in his last days issued to our country in somber language to beware of the military-industrial complex.

Republicans mindset is: If I have the intelligence, drive and talent to overcome obstacles to become a success then to hell with those who can't, let them do as I have done. Well, some folks need cooperation to make it sometimes, thank God Roosevelt knew this. A society that that has no public spirit is poor no matter how rich it thinks it is.

Reagan on Mt. Rushmore?

God forbid!

Thos. Eugene Smith


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