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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

A soothing place to work

I made a soup in the crock pot and baked some bread. The soup is rice, tofu diced small, diced onion from the winter garden, some green vegetables, peas, tomatoes, water chestnuts, thyme, basil, rosemary, some spring onion greens, garlic greens. Threw half the tofu and onions and garlic into the soup, the other half into the mixing bowl. To which I added a dollop of oil, tablespoon of salt, sixteen ounces of warm water, 1/4 cup of honey, a small handful each of miso, bran, and oatmeal, teaspoon of yeast, stirred, then added a cup of white flour, and several cups of whole wheat flour, stirring until too thick to stir, then floured up my hands a bit and kneaded, adding flour occasionally, until the dough "felt right." Covered the bowl and set it on top of the crock pot to stay warm and rise.

Looked out: it was raining heavily. Jasper Mountain completely obscured. Went over the supply of seed left over from last year's garden. I have thought that this year I might try to get some greens going earlier than the soggy garden will permit, and so last month cleaned up the potting shed/greenhouse. There's an old radio, tuned to the classical station, and the brick floor with that herringbone pattern.

A soothing place to work.

Put on a coat, hat, and rubber boots, slithered out to the shed, fired up the music (Mendelsohn's violin concerto, I think), picked six old, cracked flats, loaded them up with potting soil, and spread seeds: Romaine lettuce, Black-Seeded Simpson lettuce, kale, bunching onions, Detroit Red beets (for the greens, really), spinach.

Each packet I broadcast round the flat, then covered all the seeds with peat,
set all the flats in the window and went over them lightly with a dose of rain water from the watering can.

Music off, close door, back to the house, boots, etc. off, check the dough, get out two (not one -- two together helps prevent burning the bottom of the loaf) cookie sheets, oil the top one, shape the loaf, set the "pan" (two cookie sheets, one round loaf) on top of the crock pot.

Jasper Mountain is somewhere beyond the window. External fog, internal fog. Wind, rain, and typos. When the bread has risen, bake (in this oven) 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Have we been here before?

Have some tea.


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