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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Day of remembrance

“So when did it really occur to you that you would have to go to such extremes?”

Oh, that’s putting it delicately.

But I forgive you.

It has occurred to me many times.

And, over the decades, I have persuaded myself to ignore the evidence, many, many times.

But then, of an evening in, I think 1999, I saw a last drib of some cable channel’s special, and knew, though I had missed their narration, what it was.

Image after image, all frozen: shot; bludgeoned; chain-whipped, knifed.

Thrown from a balcony.

Run over.

Or, simply, strangled with a twist of pantyhose.

Women’s deaths, but with an extra something: that knife not wielded once, but many times; or two guns emptied into one stillness where once a quiet spirit moved.

So much!

All for a bit of makeup and some lace.

These, then, must be my people.

I wept aloud, standing there before the television, and my family came running, to protect me from they knew not what.

-- risa


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