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Thursday, December 02, 2004


This is directed to my friends and to everyone who regards kindness and tolerance as virtues.

I know I'm going to lose some of you, because all this can be hard work to follow, and we'd rather all fight our particular battles, especially among ourselves, so I'm only going to say it ONCE. There are some people out there who are willing to make some sacrifices to get the kind of world they want, and you and I are sacrifices they are willing to make. And there is a "they," and you can find out who they are.

I have heard a number of people at various meetings voice their amazement at what went on at a local school board meeting, in which church members blocked a school anti-bullying program, and have heard discussion of a number of strategies on how to enlighten and win over the opposition. "if only they would stop and listen for a moment, so they would realize the harm they're about to do" would sum up some of the comments.

That might work for some on the periphery, who are basically well-meaning citizens with a sad lack of knowledge of the issues. Those who can still listen.

Meanwhile, there's a core element, a trained cadre as it were, of activists at work, and their goals are as diverse as their aim is single. I'm not doing "conspiracy theory" here; this crowd is relatively open and public about what they're doing.


It's not Christianity. Intimidation, lying to gain political power, election fraud, clinic bombings and the like are behaviors expressly forbidden by the religion's founder. Matt. 7:12.

Hopefully you'll visit some of their websites or read their books after you've been here.

You'll have noticed there have been, since 1981, coordinated, effective and savvy attacks on:

1. Federal, state, and local taxes and public revenue streams.
2. Public Education, from preschool to University level. You will hear a lot about home education, voucher' and private schools.
3. Public school teachers and all sorts of teacher's associations.
4. Libraries. Funding of.
5. Librarians. Attempts to intimidate or have them removed for providing information on some of the other things here.
6. Abortion, abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood, contraception, etc.
7. Sex education, AIDS prevention, and so on.
8. Multiculturalism.
9. Internationalism, International Law, the United Nations, Immigration.
10. Gays and lesbians and bisexuals.
11. Transgender and Intersexual folks.
12. Journalism (the "fair and balanced" kind).
13. Public domain.
14. Biology, evolutionary theory, and any form of environmental conservationism.
15. Democratic electoral processes, checks and balances, an independent and informed judiciary.
16. Astrophysics, geology and paleontology.
17. Science in general, and especially K-12 science teachers.
18. Art education and arts funding.
19. Public media (including NPR, PBS, etc.)
20. Public service agencies such as Head Start, Family and Childrens Services, even Public Health departments, including attacks on their constituencies such as funding for people with chronic mental health issues and other disabilities, from autism to blindness.

The list could go on; you'll notice we LGBTQI are only a couple of items buried in the list. Many of us to whom any one or more of these other things are also held dear (say, libraries in my case) hear from friends who are perplexed as to where the attacks are coming from and why so nasty (some people have been killed), and why they are so well financed, persistent and cyclically recurrent.

This leads to much discussion of "fascism" and "billionaires" and "neoconservatism" which contains some truth as far as it goes, but the people we're thinking of when we say these things, while interested in being rich and powerful, don't necessarily care about all the goals shown above. They're using someone else to leverage their power, and that someone else is using them to leverage their power. I submit that the second group is where our trouble lies, because that's the "moral values" vote we have begun hearing about. Why now? Remember I mentioned 1981? Who was doing this stuff then? And are they the same people? Back to that in a moment.

At a LGBTQI meeting recently I heard this: "these people are always quoting the Bible; doesn't anyone here know the Bible enough to be able to respond to them?" Well, we have several good theologians among us. But the other side already knows what our theologians would say and are prepared not to listen.

I have been reading their literature.

What I'm seeing is, frankly, scarier than anything I've seen in political Islamism, Bin Ladin included. Scarier even than Dick Cheney.

I won't try to convince you of this on my own. For one thing, I've got a LOT on my own little transitioning plate.

So I'm going to ask you to do your own homework.

A good introduction: story of a fight going on in a school district in California over whether to include TRANSGENDER as a protected category as ordered by the state, with compliance linked to state funding. It's well told in a local blog:

Hopefully you will read it with close attention, and will run searches on some of the names and concepts introduced.

Google, in random combinations, some of the following and you will be on your way:

Biblical America. Rousas J. Rushdoony. Francis Schaeffer. The Christian Manifesto. Franky Schaeffer. Robert L. Thoburn. The Children Trap. Christian Reconstructionism. Dominionism. Theonomy. Creation Science. Gary North. Ray Sutton. Greg Bahnsen. David Chilton. Jerry Falwell. Pat Robertson. D. James Kennedy. John Whitehead. The Christian Coalition. Charles Colson. Evangelicals and Catholics Together. Operation Rescue. S. Michael Fort. Majoritarian Utilitarianism. Shelley Shannon. Army of God. Sphere of Civil Government. God's Law. Civil Disobedience. Humanist education. The God Who Is There. Chalcedon Foundation. C. Everett Koop. Whatever Happened to the Human Race? Terry Eastland. Samuel Rutherford. Calvin. Zwingli. The L'Abri Fellowship. Total Truth. Nancy Pearcey. David Limbaugh. Heritage Foundation. Sola Scriptura. John W. Whitehead. Oliver North. Jeremy Jackson. The Second American Revolution. Addicted to Mediocrity. Focus on the Family. 700 Club. Euthanasia. Coalition on Revival. Maranatha! Campus Crusade for Christ. plerosai (Greek word). The Institutes of Bible Law. Ralph Reed. Robert Simonds. Citizens for Excellence in Education. Paul Weyrich. Free Congress Foundation. Randall Terry. The New World Order. Rutherford Institute. America Can Be Saved. Beverly LaHaye. Concerned Women for America. Family Research Council. Jay Grimstead. Biblical Role of Civil Government. Political Polytheism: The Myth of Pluralism. Institute for Christian Economics. Gary Potter. Catholics for Christian Political Action. Gary Bauer. Steven Showers. School Prayer Resource Center. Education: Public Problems and Private Solutions. Coral Ridge Ministries. National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools. Tony Nassif. Robert H. Knight. Christian Action Network. People for the American Way. Eagle Forum.

Not done yet!
See: Yurica Report.


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