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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Names and bones

I had a really busy Thursday. Friday wasn't slow, either.

First thing was to return a call to the lawyer's office.

"Hi, I'm Risa, I'm calling about coming in to sign the name change petition?"

The secretary said I come come anytime, that she had it at the front desk. Great! I tossed on a black turtleneck-and trousers ensemble, grabbed my purse and drove downtown.

There they were. Two lines marked with "X."

"Sign here, your old name, in both places, and I'll notarize. You can write us a check and we'll write one to the court."

"Do I go to court later?"

"Maybe. Sometimes they just want to stare at you for a few seconds and ask you if you really want to do this. But you look pretty real to me. So we'll let you know what else needs to happen, if anything."

"Thank you!" With any luck, I had just signed my old name for the last time.

Next stop was a radiology clinic. They have my medical records under my old name but I asked them to page me as Risa, which they didn't mind doing. I sat among a lot of conservative-looking pensioners, but I was of no interest, which is how I like it.

The radiologist asked a few questions, set me up on the table for the bone scan, and grew curious in a friendly way.

"So, did you ever see the movie Normal?"

We had a really good talk, while the gizmo ran up and down the length of my body.

"I don't see any sign at all of osteoporosis, ma'am; that heel test was just mistaken. We're getting so we don't trust those anyway."

"So, I'm good to go?"

"Yep! You'll be hiking in the hills for many years to come!"

May it be so!

Next I went to lunch with a couple of dear friends, and collected some really good hugging, then to another friend's house in the country. She's had it rough with an illness that keeps you down for weeks, so I stacked wood on her front porch for awhile and discovered an envelope with my name on it.

Oh, my.

Inside were two lovely pairs of silver earrings.

I cried. I think she got a little misty-eyed herself. Collected another great hug, and ran off to my electro appointment.

The electrologist lives up in the hills on twenty-three acres, with a golden retriever, fruit trees, sheep, and a fantastic view. I'm not jealous or anything. While I'm waiting for my appointments, I play catch with the beautiful Golden, Buddy. He's still learning to give up items, rubber balls, sock puppets or whatever, but I get a kick out of prying his sloppy jaws apart, and feeling the gentle strength behind those businesslike teeth. He's gentle, but one remembers that his ancestors were wolves. I'm glad I'm not an antelope or a deer or whatever, with a pack of these after me!

An hour under the electrologist's blinkers is pretty uniformly miserable, but it seems to go fast. Sometimes I actually fall asleep, though not during upper lip work! I cried a little, but that was about my recent disappointment with counseling.

Next, dinner and a movie with a friend. The movie stunk, but the Thai salad, with fried tofu, was great, and I got another good hug. Everybody is checking on me about the counseling disaster; I don't like to say much about it, because a dear friend is doing well with the same counselor, and I wouldn't want to jeopardize that by saying anything prejudicial that would reach her.

It was a long, full, and fulfilling day. All that would have made it better would be a little exercise, and the knowledge that my full-time life as a woman at present actually counted towards a surgery date ...

Friday! A good day at work, and then Beloved and I dressed up to go to the Vagina Monologues on campus. It was the first time we went out in dresses together!! I chose a long black velvet tube dress and black ballet shoes, with a little black hat and my new, wonderful silver leaf-vein earrings. She chose a simple dark blue velvet 3/4 length dress.

The show was just terrific, with a few first night jitters, but who cared? "The Flood" (performed by the Vice President for Student Services!), "My Short Skirt," "Because He liked to Look at It," "The Little Coochie Snorcher that Could," and "The Woman Who Liked to Make Vaginas Happy" were particularly well done, even if we were an easy audience.

During the intermission, Beloved ran into someone she knew.

"I'm here with Risa; she's right over there."

"Mmm, hmm. So ... are you a Lesbian now?"

"Yes ... yes, I guess I am."


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