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Friday, July 21, 2006

Sigh ...

I discovered that the zucchinis, cukes, chard, and the massive-yet-succulent beets were already way ahead of me, so I put together a basket for my co-workers and left it on the counter where they come in. It's the first one of the year, so they hovered round it till it was empty. Late in August I can expect them to always take tomatoes and eggplant, but the zukes will begin to languish. I'll be juicing them by then.

Looking back over that paragraph, and the past few entries here, I realize I'm mostly about the garden and how to eat it. Not interesting, perhaps, to some people. And that's fine.

At lunch I went to see a friend, who had been to the Pride Parade in New York with her family. We got caught up on a few things of mutual interest: PFLAG, hiking and kayaking, the health and happiness of our friends. It's interesting how little of it was about my transition, even though I have one more operation to go. It was just two girls at the table, sipping orange juice and eating green apples.

I have waited all my life for this, and suddenly it's here: I'm boring. The other person that I used to be was way more interesting, and that's because there was always this driving angst, a sense of irony and injustice. The universe had played a prank, and my only recourse was to act out.

You might say that I'm acting out now, but it feels more like day to day living to me. I put on my wide-brimmed straw hat, step outside, set out plants or plant seeds, or water; gather in, prepare meals, eat, or clear away dishes, and think, mostly about ways to tread more lightly on the earth.

I do still have to make one more trip to Miami. But this time it will be different. I will have much less to fear from the Homeland Security, because now my body is what it appears to be.

I know, not quite. But enough so as makes no difference to the law of the land, except when people who have nothing better to do make laws and rulings that have no purpose but to harm the very few so that the very many don't have to confront the dissonance between biology and religion.

I'm sorry, dears, if the simple fact that there are gay penguins and sheep and so on disturbs your sleep. Or that there are people born to look, act, think like, and be one sex, yet having the organs of the other. Dr. Dobson! Can you say: intersexual? (Don't click that link if nudity offends you. It's a picture of a naked woman -- one that has XY chromosomes).

Or that the annual rings in ice cores go on much, much deeper than, say, ten thousand years.

Et cetera.

But they do.

And that's all for today. I dunno if that was interesting or just tiring. I think I'll go steam a zucchini.


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