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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Young Person

I have been distracted by the tomatoes, which have begun arriving in earnest: Santiam, Early Girl, Oregon Spring, Black, and of course the cherry and pear cherries. The Beefsteak has blossom end rot; the Brandywines are remaining resolutely green.

With all this activity I'm not keeping up with the zukes. They're still coming in by the dozens of dozens, with the result that I'm taking all of the larger ones to work, to church, to meetings -- wherever I can hope to offload them. And of course eating all I can.

We're watering the corn all day today as the silk is falling and the ears will flesh out soon -- if they can get enough to drink. I have to weed for a party I'm throwing soon, but after looking around I think I may just have to go in with the mower and the tiller. It's a jungle out there!


I was about to close the ref desk for the day when I got a call from a patron who wanted to know when we would be closing.

"Umm, in about fourteen minutes."

"What?! When are your hours?"

"Nine to six, Monday through Friday during the intersession, sir."

"Well how about Sunday?"

"We won't be open any weekends until the one before school starts, sir."

"So no Saturdays either?"

"No, sir. Nine to six, Monday through Friday during the intersession."

"Don't seem like I can get in there with hours like that!"

"What would you like to do here, sir?"

"Well, there's those phone directories. I need the one for San Diego."

"Sir, we gave up the out-of-state directories in 2001. There are online directories, you see."

"No, I don't see. Last time I was there you had 'em."

"We gave them up in 2001, sir. But there are ways to get telephone numbers."

"I can't use your computers."

"They are public access; but if they present any difficulty we would be happy to help you use them."

"Really? Librarians do that?"

"Certainly. For example, can you give me a name to look up to see what number we can locate?"

"Wow. Okay, well, I need a Marriott or the Hyatt that's downtown, near the waterfront."

"Yes, sir. [clackety-click]. There are four Marriotts in that area, and the Grand ..."

That's the one. What's it's phone number?"

I told him.

"Amazing. Just like that!"

"Yes, sir, just like that."

Well ... well. Well, thank you, young ... person."

"Young lady will do nicely, though I'm fifty-seven."

"Well, you're a spring chicken! I'm sixty-eight."

"Early innings yet!"

"Nice of you to say so. Well, bye now."


Gotta work on that voice some more.


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