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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Not worn out or anything! I just completed hostessing my first-ever retirment party for one of my people, who will be sorely missed. The veggie plate turned out well, the salt-and-sugar-and-drinks were sufficient, and others contributed rhubarb cobbler and ice cream, scones, and Chinese dumplings. We had about thirty people, and the University president dropped in, which was very touching for our retiree.

She'll be volunteering in the art museum, traveling with her husband, and making zucchini chutney (using some of my monster zukes). Wish I was her.

Now I have to help close the building and then come back and get my cooler and several large hampers out to the loading dock without being busted for anything. Life in the fast lane.

My stitches were taken out yesterday. The nurse said I'm looking pretty good; which actually surprised me as I have had what I felt were major swelling issues, with a few popped stitches (some of the smaller ones, it turned out). Our journey home was the least eventful of all our air journeys -- I didn't have to be body searched for once -- and we mostly slept the whole way. From Portland we had a two hour drive after midnight, but neither of us felt overextended; we took turns being the trucker and the napper, and found that enough rain had fallen in our absence that the house had a kind of uninhabited, damp sort of smell to it. First thing in the morning, we built a fire and made coffee, and everything brightened up again.

It is definitely fall, though. The tomatoes are splitting, the orb-weavers are weaving orbs, the geese are on the wing, the apples have mostly fallen, and a leaf-dropping wind is churning the trees.

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