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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Baptist minister weighs in

I'd like to call everyone's attention to a remarkable article in USA Today. It's by a Baptist minister, and I think it's very solid. I have been saying all along that the real target of the opposition isn't us, it's Galileo.


Last night, we had Day of Remembrance here at the University. There wasn't much; tabling during the afternoon, with the names and the short biographies on signs, and then the candlelight vigil, with open mike in the auditorium afterwards. I read Bear Bergman's poem again, as I did two years ago, and had the shakes afterwards, as I did then. It's a hard read. Grief courses through your veins when you do that poem, and it takes a while to recover. But this time Beloved, was with me. She'd had a hard day, as I had, or maybe even more than I had, and got lost in the vast Student Union trying to find the event, but she made it, and put an arm around me, and I cried on her shoulder a bit and pulled it together to listen to the other speakers. She brought Last Son and Daughter, and we had a pumpkin pie and ice cream dinner just before the event, which was an energy boost we all needed, especially with the hugs all round.


The Tribe from the City to the North can't make it until Sunday, which is good, as we will need the rest. Stony Run can be Fort Bear for a few days. Tea, song practice, quiet talk by the fire, feeding the chicken, a good book. There has been little opportunity for these things, and we're definitely up for it ...


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