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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Icy journey

Cormorant Jamboree this morning.

I spent more than three hours on the Reservoir today (or yesterday; I'm up late), paddling until my left wrist gave out and I had to paddle by "curling" (underhand) on the left instead of "pulling" (overhand). I covered about three miles, stopping twice for "restroom breaks" in the woods. I had to shift my body constantly, curling my fingers and toes whenever possible.

I was dressed as warmly as I could manage, but it was barely adequate. This is fairly challeging kayaking weather, but it does provide solitude (!!) and a chance to spend time with coots, grebes, geese, and cormorants.

A special treat was Bufflehead ducks, which I don't remember seeing (at least well enough to identify) before.

The fog remained low over the water, and temperatures hovered around thirty-five (F.). I brought home one landlocked Coho for the freezer, but the paddling itself was the best part of the trip.

--risa b


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