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Sunday, September 02, 2007


Over at One Tenacious Baby Mama darkdaughta is having a carnival of submitted blog reposts chosen by the bloggers as some of their own writing that they like. If I understand this properly, I'm to post the resulting link list here, which I'm happy to do. I don't know about my repost, but these others are powerful stuff and bear thinking about... multiple readings ... time well spent.

A thing she's said that I read over and over: "
I don't believe that writing is powerful enough to change the world. The majority of people would have to be willing to think deeply about what they read, brave enough to acknowledge what comes when they think and adventurous enough to allow their feelings about what they acknowledge to transform them from the inside out."
Sunday [Sept.] 2, 2007

Red Jenny's "The Good Life and The Economy"

Mommy On The Floor's "The City On The Hill"

Second Waver's
"The Male Gaze, postscript"

Universal Plume's "It's Blog For Loving Yourself Day"

Seminalson's "I'm A Fragile Being: Touch In My Men's Group"

Risa's "You Want Cream In That?"

All About My Vagina's
"Please call it 'Sex Safety'"

Darkdaughta's "Race, Class and Everyday Shite", "Western Civilization...A History of Emotional Dysfunction", "My Daughter Wants A Barbie", "Mission Not Accomplished...Sort of" and "Does He Wipe His Track Makin' Ass With Moist Towelettes?"


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