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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Can You Hear It?

[posted by grinin]

Can you hear Spring? A week or two ago while on a morning walk I heard the chirping of birds. The silence of Winter has been broken and the song birds are here. You never realize how much you've missed the serenade of nature until she picks up the tune where she left off. I walk by the same marsh everyday to work. At night I pass that same marsh listening to the cars whizz by.

Yesterday I heard a sound I had not heard before.

...Ribbit...roobot..rebert.. ...Ribbit...roobot..rebert.. I stopped. I turned. Were those frogs in that marsh? They had not been there the night before.Or if they had, they chose to keep silent for the time at hand. I stood and listened. I breathed that fresh Spring air that smells like green grass and dirt.


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