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Monday, April 07, 2008

Ready to resume

A photo on Flickr[posted by risa]

Though I found the weather uncooperative for much outdoor stuff, I did manage to build a cold frame on Saturday for the bok choi and heirloom tomato babies, and then moved into the potting shed to straighten up. After a couple of hours of shifting stuff left and right, I found that some of the bricks in the floor, which I had set over a decade ago (with the help of Grinin, who was just seven at the time), were tilted, so I pulled them up and discovered a maze which I dubbed the "Ratacombs."
A photo on Flickr
These rats had been given ample discouragement and were no longer at home, so I uncovered the whole thing, packed recycled gypsum board into the tunnels, and relaid the floor. We are now officially ready to resume indoor gardening!

Sunday, I painted the mudroom white, with a red trompe l'œil wainscoting -- it doesn't sound like that much work, but the rough-sawn boards absorbed a lot of paint, and the job took ten hours. I'm a bit wiped today, but seeing the improved lighting in there this morning was worth it!


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