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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


[posted by daughter]

I haven't made it back to the parental units' house for more than a few hours, a hug, a kiss, and a goodbye, in quite sometime. I remember so fondly the last few months I spent there. We did quite well the three of us. Though schedules were conflicting and time was short we all managed to climb into the big bed for a night cap before we went our separate ways to slumber. If ever there was a place of mental retreat that patch of land is my mecca. I've been homesick since Christmas when I was able to spend a night with the family. I haven't been able to make more time than that. Which is so sad, I've been neglecting my roots, and at this point I'm starting to feel it. The overall stress of being somewhat separated from them is starting to become more and more apparent. At the nearest opportunity I'll be making way home, even if it's to be a solo journey, or worse yet on the greyhound...

...but they're worth it ;)


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