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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Growing Old

[posted by daughter]

At work today I saw a woman at the "Self Scan" who had caught my eye at least once before. She's stout, good posture, short and holds herself with purpose. Her hair has turned all shades of silver but it's cropped short and doesn't reveal her age like it should. She lifts the items from her cart and I can see even at a distance the muscles in her toned arms. I asked her if she was a fitness instructor and she laughed acrediting her appearance to good genes, I told her that when I grow up I want to look just like her.

One of my new co-workers made a point to tell me that the woman comes in quite often mostly with her partner with an emphasis on the last word. "Ah" I think to myself, she reminds me of my mothers. I admire strong women. I admire women who are willing to accept that they have imperfections. When I grow old I hope I will have the dignity to let my hair turn grey.


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