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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Spuds all the way

Porch potatoes[posted by risa]

These are Yukon Gold potatoes growing in the containers beyond the chair. Even apartment dwellers can do this: the technique is to put the slips on about 6" of compost in the bottom of the container, then add grass clipping or hay by stages as the vines grow, until even with the top of the container. The vines keep growing up through the mulch and make spuds all the way. In the fall, or when the vines die back, tip out your potatoes.

I've gotten involved in a self-reporting localization challenge by Sharon Astyk, called Independence Days. The idea is to see if you can do something in every category every week.

Independence Days: Week 4

Plant something: More beans, some beets, transplanted peppers, tomatoes, onions, eggplants, chard. Will containerize some tomatoes this afternoon. The corn is up!

Harvest something: Radishes. When I take one out, I put a purple-podded bean in its place.

Preserve something: Does the freezer count? Froze some trout.

Store something: As above.

Manage Reserves: Sorted some stuff in the greenhouse, tumbled the compost.

Prepped: Layered about 20 bags of grass clippings on transplanted beds and around seeded hills. Made a new bed 150 feet away from the summer garden for an heirloom winter squash variety. Oh, and runner beans are up!

Worked on Local Food Systems: Sat down by the spring beds and ate some gigantic radishes, greens and all. Blogged(at The Red Mullet) about Bright Neighbor. Am now making my lunch at work using only things I bring from the garden.

Reduced Waste: Pulled last year’s non-Egyptian onions and the ones we could use, we cleaned and refrigerated, and the ones we couldn’t we cut up for the compost barrel.

Learned a skill: How to copy and paste the Independence Days code! (see results in right-hand column, lower down.)


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