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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Independence Days Week 7

[posted by risa]Peas in our time

More reporting for Sharon Astyk's Independence Days Challenge:

Plant something: it's the lull before fall garden things go in. Went to the discount grocery and found some intriguing little potatoes (they cook up yellow like Yukon Gold and taste the same but look different) in five-pound sacks that have begun to sprout, bought two sacks for seed potatoes and will put them in around other things over the next week.

Harvest Something: Peas!!!! Lettuce, spinach, garlic, beet greens, bok choi, mustard, onion greens, dandelions, Japanese knotweed (for stock feed, bean poles, mulch, and compost), nasturtium, rosemary, marjoram, chives. As always, chicken and duck eggs.

Preserve Something: Put up seven quarts of snap peas, four of greens (mostly spinach).

Store Something: More firewood, kindling, bean poles, feed sacks (to hold up insulation under house).

Manage Reserves: Hit the thrift store, found two terrific trivets, a cream dispenser, decanter, serrated butcher knife (for cutting weeds) -- $1 each. Covered the chicken house with knotweed branches to shade the poultry while we're away for the Fourth.

Prepped: Cleaned up one exterior wall to repaint.

Cooked Something New: discovered a mild kind of mustard greens that are good in the stir fries.

Worked on Local Food Systems: Selling eggs regularly. Most meals home grown (vegs, eggs, solar mint tea). Took a big bag of greens with us to our Fourth-At-The-Beach (a splurge), using them in all three meals each day, with duck eggs and some storebought red potatoes from up the road a ways (none of ours are ready yet). Joined Seed Savers (did I tell you that last week?)

Reduced Waste: Grey water to fruit trees. Composted knotweed leaves. Rode the bus.

Learned a Skill: Techno Week. I figured out the timer on the digital camera (the instructions in the manual made no sense to me). Beloved learned how to make new folders on a computer and sort and organize files. I am extremely hearing impaired, and this week I began learning to use my new Captel telephone.

Or; Learned Something New: About Spelt, Eikorn, Emmer, Kamut, Sibirisches, and Urkorn, and that we might be able to grow and harvest one of these (instead of winter wheat).



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