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Monday, August 25, 2008

Adventures at The B and B

[posted by Daughter]
While my mothers were taking in the Cascades, Alex and I headed to the town of Fossil to enjoy the John Day fossil beds. Alex had discovered a sweet B&B in the area and had spent an entire day exploring the National Monuments in the area. We took our time hiking into the Blue Basin, with a little miscommunication and some old fashioned pouting on my part we finally made it to the Basin in better moods and unscathed. I can see why the place left a lasting impression on my partner, it felt untouched by time.

After that we drove through pockets of civilization...barn...cow....barn....cow, until we found ourselves in the painted hills taking in a breathtaking view of dune like hills with streaks of colors marking their sides. We hiked a butte that lay behind the painted hills to take it all in from above and it was truly amazing. We spent quite some time taking pictures and just holding each other as the sound of the wind whistled in our ears.

We retired to our room at the B and B and exhausted as we were slept uninterrupted through the night. The following morning breakfast was being prepared as we sipped coffee. There was oatmeal with all the fixings and fruits, and eggs (no ham for me thank you). A very filling meal with the kind of morning banter you don't get at just any breakfast joint. I could tell why the place had left an impression on Alex. Reluctantly I agreed to go on a morning horse ride before we hit the road. I hadn't been on a horse in years, and I really had not planned on ever getting on one again. This ranch was used to tourists, however, they had a ramp for mounting and the sweetest horses; they had been on these trails so many times, you hardly needed to steer them. Looking back at the pictures has me convinced I need to go back, with my baby, and for a much longer time!


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