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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Race against time

[posted by risa]

While crossing the country (at 55 mph, so I had plenty of time for looking, and never passed anyone), I saw many things, of course; Lookout Mountain, the Tennessee River, Nashville, the Ohio by moonlight, a deeply sleeping St. Louis, sunrise over the Wasatch, the blinking lights of rows of radio towers in the inky night of Idaho.

But mostly I saw, on truck after truck after truck, new wind power gear in transit to windy places: in Tennessee, Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and Oregon, by the dozen. Towers, generator housing, rotors. Lots and lots of rotors.

If the economy tanks before these are all in place, we will be sorry. There will be no drilling our way out of this, and precious little enough wind installed to make up for it much. It's nice to see people trying, though. My instinct is that with so many trucks moving these things around, they have to be more cost effective than some people say.


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