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Friday, January 23, 2009

Little fuss and less waste

[a blog reader] "And this is?"

[risa] "It's a steamer . ... of sorts."


"Well, that's a six-inch Revereware pot, with whole wheat spaghetti in it, on a low boil, and nested in the pot is a colander with shredded or diced leaves -- chard, kale, broccoli, elephant garlic, and lots of beet leaves. The bowl holds in the steam for a bit, before it goes out the colander holes. Some of it condenses and seeps back through the leaves onto the spaghetti, adding back some nutrition."

"You have a nice steamer and a steamer basket, too, so why did you bother to do this?"

"Ever do anything for fun?"


"Good; so humor me ... I specialize in one-burner cuisine. Here I've made the spaghetti; now I turn over the colander, dumping the greens into the bowl; hold the colander over the greywater bucket, turn the spaghetti out of the pot into the colander, drain the colander, then dump the spaghetti over the greens. Oh, and if you rinse right away there's no work to speak of when washing up."

"But you could save the spaghetti water for bread or soup."

"I already have some. First rule of blogging; not everything not said is proof of ignorance. Not saying I'm not ignorant, my dear; it's the human condition."

"Oh. So, what's that on top, here, in the second picture?"

"There's some spinach/pumpkin soup, or puree, whatever you'd like it to be, also homemade, and the red bit in the middle there is plain old storebought picante."

"Doesn't sound all that appetizing."

"T'isn't. All it does is go down fairly easy, and then keep soul and body together, with little fuss and less waste. Want some?"


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