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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hope springs eternal

Tomato: Sun Gold Cherry, Aunt Ruby's German, Amish Paste, Yellow Brandywine (Beloved's favorite), Rutgers. Pepper: Jalapeno, Marconi Rosso. Eggplant: Diamond, Long PingTung. Out of room: bell peppers will have to wait.

In situ, under hotcaps: Sugar Snap peas, Detroit Dark Red beets, cylinder beets, chard, calabrese, Cherry Belle radish, red kale, red cabbage, Black Simpson lettuce. Also, red and Yukon Gold potatoes. Hotcaps are gallon milk jugs with bottom third cut off.

For dinner: chili from home grown Scarlet Runner beans, dried, with sun-dried tomatoes, chili peppers, elephant garlic. Maybe a little commercial chili powder. Not to be fanatical and a' that.

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