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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stay right here

"Hello, world?"

Are you cold there by the window? I can go get a poly cover for you.

"Nahhh, we wanna seee!"

"So, can we, like, go in the ground yet?"

Maybe. You do know it's hailing out there, right? And that an hour or two ago there was a snow flurry?

"We'll be good, we prooooomise!"

Well ... let me go get my jacket. But you peppers and tomatoes had better stay right here.


  1. Whoa! Those spuds look like aliens.

  2. They were making nasty remarks along those lines, themselves.

    "Take us to your weeder!"

    I think not, kids.

  3. Risa, good pun. Hoe, hoe, hoe!

  4. Hello risa, I landed on this blog from a Hoedad search. I enjoyed the piece from 2001. I am also a former Hoedad. Cougar Mountain 1976-77.

  5. jb, you may remember a Thumb who moved to CM in '77 named Smitty? :)

    Are you aware of the Hoedads Yahoo Group?

  6. Sure do. As a rookie, I rode up to Detroit Lakes with Smitty. He told me all about myself via astrological breakdown. If I remember right, he carried a piano in his rig. I live in UP Michigan now where I've taught Sp. Ed. the last 30 yrs.

  7. "So, can we, like, go in the ground yet?"

    Yes we can!!!

  8. LOL, they did! I just ordering more from Seed Savers. I see I'm going to have to look into your site as well. Good work!


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