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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fair is beautiful

Urgently recommended reading:

Social collapse, with its consequences, is no only not unthinkable, says Mr. Orlov, but a fairly common occurrence. So there is a morality that is proper to it, and which can inform our response to crisis and chaos better than we may have been led to believe.

Basically, his argument draws from Law of the Sea regarding lifeboats in storms at sea. If it is necessary to lighten the load, everyone draws straws. In the inquest, the judges will find no blame. If anyone pulls rank to stay on the lifeboat, that person will be found guilty of murder.

Fair is beautiful. Unfair is ... well, think about the debate over torture. How's that going? Figured out who your friends are, yet?

This will help us to understand clearly what is happening when the media discusses the saving of banks, or the insurance companies, gigantic mortgages on gigantic homes, etc., while the poor, all over the world, are going out, faster and faster, like candles in the rising wind.

So, relax.

generous with the people around you. Do not be always thinking about money, which is mostly designed for siphoning resources away from your life, your family, your community, your locality to ... somewhere else. Give gifts; things that you have made by hand, useful hand tools or timely knowledge. Hug your sweetie. Cherish your children and your neighbors' children. Walk about; watch sunrises and sunsets. Greet passersby. Grow things. Learn and teach seed saving. Make repairs. Teach. If you are a healer, or musical, or dance, or perform, do those things, in exchange or freely. Work, as soon as you can and as best you can, outside the "formal" economy. Rely on your strength and ingenuity, and then when that is gone, rest and contemplate.

"What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?"


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