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Friday, November 06, 2009

Doesn't have to be as fancy

[Scene One]

"So, the tiny little mirror we put up when our friend from China explained that we needed one there to bounce back bad energy from the intersection?"


"It's corroded and looks bad and I think it might not work well much longer and so we need a bigger one there."

"Sure, we could come up with something, betcha."

"How about that one with the geese frosted across the bottom?"

"Eek, way too big. Hang on!"

[Rummage, rummage.]

"How about this one?"

"Okay, but is there a way to make it pretty?"

"Umm, pretty how?"

"Sort of El Salvadorean pretty."

"Like the good luck piece in the kitchen?"

"Yes, like that. Doesn't have to be as fancy."

"Good, 'cuz I have not got fancy hands."

"'Well, since it'll be hanging on the outside of the house..."

"Right ... got paint?"

"I'd use the tempera, and here's a brush."

"On it."

[Scene two]

"'K, how's this? There was some, mmh, leftover lath, and screws that were just small enough. We sure could use a mitre saw, though."

"Oh, I love that; is it weather ready?"

"Has some old acrylic fixer on it. S'all dry now."

"What all's happening there?"

"Mmmh, house. Sky, sun. Grass. The red dots can be apples or climbing roses, and the blue ones are English bluebells or what you will."

"Let's put it up and take its picture."

"'N'admire ourselves in it, 'n'maybe it will start bringing good luck right away. Y'think?"

"I think."

[Exeunt. Screen door bangs shut behind them.]


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