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Monday, December 21, 2009

Intended for burning

Firewooding home grown trees gives a sense of satisfaction.

It's primary-production income that can be used for heat, cooking, light, or as a trade item.

We're working on the two cottonwoods that were cut last week; about two thirds of the wood has made it into the pile.

You can see that we use the smallwood -- everything between twig size -- say, 3/4 inch -- and round size -- 6" diameter and up, with anything over 8" split. Chunks split off from rounds that have the bark on may be laid along the top of the pile to help shed rain and begin the drying process even in our rainy winters.

Smallwood can be mixed with kindling to get larger pieces going, or it can be bundled -- with a bit of string or masking tape. Incidentally, a bundle of smallwood intended for burning is called a faggot. So now you know something about what goes on in the heads of bigots.

Must check on the squash soup. Best of the season to you!


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