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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beginning to feel the heat.

It's heating up out and Risa is spending a lot of time hand watering and adjusting sprinklers. Last Son has been harvesting knotweed for her (compost and bean poles). Beloved has moved her bed outside to watch for meteors, but doesn't see any as she falls asleep right away.

"How was the eclipse last night?"

"What eclipse?"

It's only fair to mention that if Risa tried this, she would fall asleep even faster.

Simplified solar shading on the south, east and west walls this year: burlap shades on outside of windows. Cost: fifty cents per window. These shades are used indoors in winter, outdoors in summer, and they help a lot. The burlap will bleach over the season, adding to its reflectivity. We're about half done with the white roof treatment as well. Today it is 84 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and 58 in the house.

Moving wood. This pile will help keep the house cool during the summer, while also losing moisture content for use as heating and cooking fuel next winter.

Changing out the duck water. Big chore, done twice a week. The geese and ducks find clean water extremely sexy, and will begin orgying in it as soon as Risa's back is turned. The rooster, a new Americauna one named Julio, will pick up on the electricity over at the pools and start chasing hens. Buffy, the new hen, has caught on to him and is hiding among the ducks.

Carrying the old duck water to the outlying pear trees. The ducks snootle the water pretty thoroughly by mid-week, and it sprouts a lot of algae, which become compost for the orchard.

Risa's beginning to feel the heat, and is going inside for a nap. She's not making you any tea until after she wakes up; sorry!

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June." -- L. M. Montgomery


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