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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goodies, part 2

The neighbors are picking up their hay this morning.

Risa returns to the "scene of the crime" today, to take down the doors, the front wall, the end gables, and both side walls, down to the bottom plates, of the shed.

Since the little building is so close to the house and the neighbor's fence, she pops off the 1X12 cedar siding (nice stuff!) from the inside, with hatchet and small pry bar, then resorts to the maul to knock the studs, one by one, out from under the top plates.

Inside the walls, she found a bumblebee nest but they were all babies and they were asleep. Were they abandoned by the adults? She realizes she doesn't know a whole lot about bumblebees.

It's just as well.

These pieces made a full load, so she'll plan on being back tomorrow for the back wall, the floor, and the foundations. Wear a red bandanna for these jobs and you'll always have a red flag for your long loads.

Hopefully it will all fit in one load.

Lunch today is dandelions and duck broth over Basmati rice.


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