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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The goodies

The neighbors have cut their hay -- the surest sign of summer, late though it came here.

Risa has a project in hand ... when you're farming, even at the height of other doings, if a friend offers you a building for the salvage, you take it!

She loads up her tools -- some she can borrow on site, otherwise she'd also take along a square point shovel, hatchet, wheelbarrow, and ladder. Mostly this job will use the two pry bars, the straight-claw hammer, the sledge maul, and the nail puller. The nail puller, shown just above the maul, is one of her favorites. It can get to nails a hammer and block can't reach, and slips them right out. Hers was built in the 70s of good metal, and still has the original cutting edge on its teeth.

The 6X10 shed, built in the late 1960s, is free of dry rot (O miracle!) and contains a lot of good 2X4, 1X and plywood. But it's in a very tight space and cannot be hauled away intact. Risa stands on the house roof to take this shot of the roof, and that yard is their next-door-neighbor's.

The roofing is three layers deep and must be pulled away before the plywood can be taken up. Salvaging unbuilds a structure in the reverse order in which it was assembled. The roofing went on last, so it comes off first.

There's no room for the long-handled square point shovel, which is the right tool for three-tab asphalt shingle removal, and the hatchet is nowhere to be seen, so she uses the claw hammer. The plywood's now clean enough to lift. Risa pulls about half the nails and then inserts the two pry bars about a foot apart, and starts jacking up the first sheet, much as one would remove a bicycle tire with two flat tire irons.

The last sheet is her last platform; it will have to be removed from inside, by smacking it with the maul and then using a pole to shove it off the roof.

Plywood sheathing gone, she knocks down the 2X4 rafters and lifts off the 2X6 roof tree with the maul and prybar. It's time to go; she has other appointments and so she and her friends throw everything in the truck, including some hardware and garden stuff that's lying around the place (they're downsizing). She'll be back tomorrow.

The goodies so far.


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