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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Goodies part 3

Another neighbor's place ... they used to grow turf grass seed but this year the near 80 has hay that's just been mowed and the far 80 has wheat. The power lines are from a smallish hydro system, one dam has two turbines and the other has one. Bald eagles like to sit on the towers.

Here's another neighbor. We have two yearling does on one side of us: Blondie and Bridget. This is Bridget. On the other side there were two bucks, Buck and Owens. We haven't seen Buck and Owens lately; a new generation has manifested in the extended family that owns the place, and they brought horses. The geese talk to the new horses a lot and the horses listen very politely.

Risa has spent a third day collecting the small shed from her friends' place. She dropped the back wall and dismantled it; then pulled up the plywood flooring by putting both prybars under the edges and "walking" them along the sheet. She expected 2X4 joists framed on 2X4 plates on pier blocks, but found 4X8s doubling as joists and sill plates, resting freely on half-buried cinder blocks with tarpaper on them for vapor barrier. One of the 4X8s will need to be consigned to firewood, but the other three are in good condition. She'll use two of them to replace the rotten 4X4 posts supporting Stony Run's front porch, which she's planning to frame in as a mudroom next week.

Here's the site of the former shed. It made four truck loads of good material; they don't build them like that anymore!

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