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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Goodies, part 4

The shed, now torn down and transported, has been put to use immediately at Stony Run. Here a set of windows acquired from Bring Recycling ($80 for four, with real divided lights and storm panes) are framed into the front porch to make a mudroom.

The doorposts and the 1X12s are painted white.

On the interior, fiberglass goes into the new studwalls and the interior walls are finished with Masonite from the shed and painted white, with a green "wainscot" or splash zone, a foot high, for muddy boots and such. The rain gear and barn coats are already hanging on hooks, ready for next year.

We weren't able to re-use the storm door for the new entryway, as it is metal and the entryway is only 77 inches high. So Risa is on the lookout for a wooden screen door that can be cut down to this height and also double as a storm door. But already the new room is helping cool the house in summer, and it looks forward to helping keep the house warm in winter, as well as being the place to split kindling and change boots.

Do you have any recycling construction projects going or planned?


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