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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A bit footloose

Throw your stuff in the boat and go ...
While the summer garden's deciding whether to mature enough for a canning season, and the roof's too hot for the paint job, Risa finds herself a bit footloose and makes forays into the nearby mountains.

Little Eva is a modified kayak design and weighs seventeen pounds. Too small for the recent river journey, the Micro Poke Boat excels in back-country lake trips.

Manifest: boat, PFD, paddle, rod and reel, landing net, fishing kit (with flies, split shot, spare line, swivels, sharpening stone, pliers and lures), change of clothes, knife, headnet, DEET, gloves, camera, monocular, headlamp, good paperback book, candle, lighter, compass, map, emergency mylar blanket, toothbrush, baking powder, tent, tent poles and rainfly, poncho, bandanna, packframe, hat, sunblock, sewing kit, mirror, hairbrush, ointment, permits, duct tape, match safe, patched-up sleeping bag with broken zipper, bread rolls, granola, steel cup, powdered milk, canvas bucket, peppermint oil soap, water, lip balm (cherry, from Burts Bees -- this is the make-up kit).

Three Sisters Wilderness. Left to right: cutthroat, rainbows, brook trout. None are native to these lakes.

Sunset -- Waldo Wilderness
 In August, fish are not guaranteed, but mosquitoes are. Sometimes you will find trout. Sometimes only views and companionship. All of it becomes memories to be treasured.


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