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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Eking out a garden

This has been our worst performance in 35 years of gardening. NOAA says to expect an early wrap-up to a summer that has barely started, and I believe them. Winter lasted into June and nothing would grow in the cold rain, then summer was Saharan and they shriveled in the sudden heat; here it is the first of August and the geese and starlings are flocking to leave a month early and the garden orb weavers have already set up shop.

Meanwhile we've eaten two cherry tomatoes.

But all is not lost. One of the apple trees is actually performing well; there will be loads of blackberries; favas, cabbages and kale have been spectacular, and there was lots of rhubarb. Potatoes will be small but plentiful, and there's plenty of sunchoke in the ground.

The key is: diversify. If you try everything you may actually eat something! Want some scrambled duck eggs with those fried zukes?


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