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Saturday, October 23, 2010

If the angels smile

I get thoroughly depressed when the darkness and rains really begin, and am not good for much, so here is a repost from a couple of years's of interest to me because it was written right after the crash of '08. The people I was reading then seemed to have the best handle on what had just happened, and they're not optimistic about things getting better now. You might want to see this interview with Nicole Foss, AKA Stoneleigh, of The Automatic Earth.


My son tells me I am a “disaster otaku.” Well, maybe.

I’m in what is supposed to be one of the premier retirement plans on the planet (Oregon PERS) and it has lost a LOT of its value over the past two weeks. A one-day run-up of stocks hasn’t really signalled a stabilization.

Growing and putting by food, adding insulation, finding alternative ways of getting at water and providing heat and lighting, putting away the credit card, paying ahead on and retiring debt, not eating out or going out to the movies or concerts, or paying for cable, or getting my hair done or shopping for style — these are strategies that seem worth while to me right now, along with getting to know neighbors, sharing rides, finding ways to get to and use public transit, and staycationing. I’m not even planning to get the DTV box — who needs it — We have a nice collection of old VHS and some newer DVDs, old vinyl records and a phonograph, some acoustic musical instruments, Scrabble, Monopoly, and books, books, books. And I have someone to read them to me while I shell beans.

I've been experimenting with not riding around in motorboats, not skiing, not watching the Superbowl, and not hanging out in a mosh pit, and, so far, I'm still breathing.

Think about it: home from work, recycled items in hand, via small-town bus, eat a few small Yukon Gold potatoes with sliced Roma tomatoes, change clothes, and go out and pull down bean poles, unwind dying runner bean vines from poles, stack poles, give vines to poultry, check later for de-leaved vines, feed vines to chipper, fork over the compost, come in for tea as the darkness gathers, wash your face and hands with hot water from atop the wood stove, read some more Kingsolver, brush out your hair, put on your nightgown, pull the blanket over you, touch your Beloved's cheek. It's all relatively inexpensive and sustainable.

Avoid complications, and, to some extent, complications will, if the angels smile, avoid you -- for awhile.


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