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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tears flowed

Risa's parents are eighty-two and ninety-three, and they are having the kinds of issues a couple has when legally blind, on oxygen 24/7, in need of surgery for life-threatening conditions, uninterested in old-folk-homes, and in possession of one, and only one, child, who is sixty-one and living three thousand miles away.

She'll be journeying and sojourning for awhile. Not being at all fond of air travel, she's going to be spending a few days on the Coast Starlight, the Empire Builder, and the Silver Meteor.

The farm is in good hands, as is Beloved, so, no worries. It's been a good first year of retirement, and, as much of what's been going on has been preparation for exactly this contingency, we're on it. Beloved's parents are approaching the same difficulties, and she might have to do the same at some point -- though she has two sisters who are near her parents, which helps a lot.

Risa, for whatever reason, before she knew she would be making this one-way-ticket expedition, had put out an all-call for friends and family to come to Thanksgiving dinner at Stony Run, and we were eighteen at dinner. Everything went over well, and Risa's seasonal specialty -- sweet potato pie with pecans -- was wiped out. The yellow rice too. Things actually grown here are less popular, so it was a high-food-miles occasion. But people took a lot of home-canned goods home with them, as well as seed potatoes and saved seeds.

It was the loveliest such time we have ever had here, and as it became clear that this was also a send-off, the hugs multiplied. A dear heart undertook to carry away and set up the Stony Run Press items for the craft sale at the Library next week. Two dear friends donned aprons, shooed Risa away from the dishes, and took on the massive clean-up in our bucket-under-the-sink kitchen with grace and aplomb. The grown-up kids took turns talking to their grandma on the phone. Everyone was absolutely in top form.

Tears flowed. If there is something in life more precious than love and friendship, Risa certainly can't think of it at the moment.


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