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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A bit haphazard

Risa continues her experiments with the wood heat stove.

She'd be in heaven with a wood cook stove, but we haven't had one since about 1982. Yet we've, for thirty-five years, always had wood heat, and collected much of the fuel ourselves. The present stove came with the house at Stony Run and sits in a corner of the dining room; it has built-in reflectors driving heat to the front, as it's a model intended for use in mobile homes. Its location is not terribly convenient to the kitchen counters, but better than if it were in the living room. There's a fireplace there, but we've blocked that up and taken the chimney down to solve leak and fire danger issues.

Pictured here is the dishwater heating up, along with lunch. That's a Chiot's Run tomato soup in the canning jar, or almost one: add some flour, some milk powder some dehydrated veg flakes, some spices, and stir. Suzy's is much the better recipe, but then we all know Risa's a bit haphazard.

We have a surplus of watery tomato puree on hand, much of it 2009 vintage, and we're making a run on the bank for tomato soups accordingly. As Risa's prone to burn the bottoms of such soups in a saucepan, leading to a lot of labor at the sink, she's taken to heating the soups in the dishwater. The canning jar doesn't seem to mind, but if you prefer not to risk shattering one by misjudging temperature differentials, try a stoneware pitcher or crock.


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