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Friday, February 25, 2011

Stony Run Food Club

Live around Eugene, Oregon? Your blogista is talking to you.

Risa has been focusing on growing, preserving, and storing food she has grown, but with the acceleration of worldwide food uncertainty, she's been thinking: "I have a truck, a scale, and some time, how about forming a food club and taking advantage of wholesale pricing on storables, such as wheat berries. Also, with industrial GMO and monoculture issues, it's time to support those local organic farmers."

So, here's what the wholesaler wants. There are discounts for purchases of over certain amounts, like 15% for $500. But you get the full wholesale for $150.00 a month. It's complicated drumming up $150.00 a month from a small group of people, because of the size of wholesale lots, like thirty pound jugs of honey or fifty pound bags of wheat, but if each club member is willing to order at least once a year, and there are a dozen members, we could do it. Right now there are three members, and the first order has been picked up and delivered.

So, May is open to new (note: that's new local) members, and June, and so on, giving you time to a) message Risa via fb or risasb [at] gmail [dot] com b) receive the price list c) decide what you want. She'll order it and either bring it by or hold it for you, C.O.D.


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