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Saturday, February 26, 2011

We'll see

Daughter says! -- Risa, don't get out of shape, you have to climb South Sister with us this summer. So start training!

For those who don't know, this is the view (with Beloved, back in the 80s) from the top of South Sister. We're talking 10,300 feet. It's in our county; we have quite a bit of varied terrain hereabouts.

[Aerial view towards north of the Three Sisters volcanoes in Oregon. Left to right, South Sister, Middle Sister, and North Sister. (Photograph by Lyn Topinka, September 1985.)]

Here's a longer view. Daunting, hmm? That's (left to right) South, Middle and North, hence the Three Sisters. So, we've been up this thing three times, it's what people around here do for fun. Not a technical climb, despite its looks; more a very strenuous walk. But Risa will be sixty-two and has struggled with weight this winter like never before. She's on it (ok, trying to be on it) about the food, but her usual exercise -- farming, a little biking, and light kayaking -- these help but they're not gonna lift her 4,300 feet (starting at 6,000 elev.) in a six hour hike (and five hours back).

So she's borrowed a pair of five pound ankle bags from her son and loaded eight liters of water into her rucksack, and is off to the river every day (when not sick). That's a three mile round trip.

She may tack on miles when it gets a little warmer out. We'll see.


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