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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Zero calories

1. Wear yourself out on five loads of dishes left over, in the morning, from someone's birthday party.
2. Notice quite a lot of oatmeal still fastening itself to a saucepan.
3. Put a little grape oil in an iron skillet, preheat it.
4. Add some spelt flour and sesame seeds to the oatmeal, mix, roll it into a ball.
5. Drop the ball into the skillet, listen to it sizzle, flatten with spatula.
6. Take saucepan over to sink. Pour some hot soapy water into saucepan. Turn around, run back to skillet, grab spatula, flip oatmeal cake. Turn off heat, let frying coast.
7. Wash saucepan and spatula, set in drainer. Back to skillet. Flip oatmeal cake onto plate. Add a spot of butter. Grab fork.
8. Add a stick to woodstove, sit down, have oatmeal cake.
9. Enjoy a little Celtic music with your break.
10. Remember! Leftovers, especially if no one sees you eat them, have zero calories.


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