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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer flats

Risa went to the reservoir for the first time in months, to practice kayaking in case she gets to make the repeat Willamette River end-to-end trip, this time with daughter. Out of habit, she took along her fishing gear and rigged to troll while paddling; the results made a nice dinner along with potatoes and onions -- first dinner outside, this year!

Afterward there were chores to do; Beloved renewed everyone's feed and water -- currently at Stony Run there are twenty chickens, twenty ducks, and two geese. Risa brought in all the mint she'd dried for tea, then went to the potting shed to water the summer flats: runner beans, corn, several kinds of summer and winter squash, beets, lettuce.

Beloved brought in the winter's house plants to keep the flats company.


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