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Friday, June 17, 2011

June garden tour

A slow year, but better so far than the drowning we got in 2010. Clockwise from left, perennial flower/mint bed, chicken moat, sunchokes. orchard (in chicken moat), Planet Flag, Grapes, greens/beans bed, tomato bed with tomatoes and kale.

A closer look at the greens bed: lettuce, bok choi, chard, collards, elephant garlic mostly.

Looking across the tomatoes toward what's left of the (once one-acre) lawn. Just enough room for badminton.

Looking back toward the house from the lower beds. Mostly you can see rhubarb, grapes, an apple tree, and the compost heaps. Note mailbox at left full of garden tools. White roof aids in fighting off heat waves (just in case).


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