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Friday, August 05, 2011

Always lots of duck eggs

A cool-summer garden in August. The beans and runner beans have decided to participate, and the sunflowers at right, are adding height. Don't ask Risa about tomatoes, though, or you'll have a serious whiner on your hands. Next year the green house stays up all summer!

In this view you can see that the corn (we punted and went for the old standby, Bantam) might just make, and there's fruit on all the winter squash vines, though it's running way behind.

We've harvested and cured about fifteen pounds of assorted garlic.

What is this stuff, you ask. Well, we've an incurable infestation of Japanese knotweed. Yes, you can eat the shoots, but there's always something on hand we like lots better, and the poultry agree with us. Sheep and goats like it, but we're between those. We demand that most things on the premises make themselves useful in some way; so we harvest the knotweed for compost, beanpoles (believe it or not) and -- kindling. These foot long pieces will dry nicely before winter, and furnish a kindling that will light directly from the match and burn long enough to get the smaller firelogs interested.

Here are a couple of pics from 2009 to help whet your appetite for scrounging this kind of poor people's bamboo:

Today, the first blackberry harvest! And of course there's always lots of duck eggs.


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