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Friday, August 12, 2011

Let's hope

Finally it looks somewhat August-like around here; a few paltry tomatoes, but plenty of zucchinis and beans, and even some cucumbers. We are tidying up for our annual open house, Meteor Night, though this year it falls on the full moon, so everyone will be lucky if they spot even one meteor -- perhaps we should have called it "Teahouse of the August Moon." If you show up, bring a dinner dish, maybe some breakfast makings, a flashlight, warm layered clothing, bedding, and a sense of humor. And let's try to keep it down, we have neighbors ...

The corn is Golden Bantam, a sign of short seasons (getting shorter in this weird locality).

Runner beans having a banner year. We will dry all of these, some for seed, some to bake.

Squash and pumpkins doing their thing. Bees are ignoring them though, preferring the runner beans. Risa may have to start "heading" blossoms to encourage the fruit that has already set. She's already doing this with the tomatoes.

A couple of gallons of green beans have been picked small; these will be allowed to make seed.

Peas are still happy, but we are running out of edible lettuce.

Delicatas are turning color and look like they will have time to mature. Let's hope.

This is the fall garden in the former duck pen. Photo-clicking readers may spot some ducks upper right, and the neighbor's boarded horses at top. Here we have mostly kale, chard, cabbage, squash, tomatoes, onions. The tomatoes and squash were set out very late and are mostly an experiment. Plastic is planned to go over this greenhouse in October and stay up through next summer, with eggplants, peppers and  tomatoes mostly, come late spring (and squash in place of the present tomatoes).


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