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Monday, September 05, 2011

Home-grown love

Daughter was here for a lovely visit and when she got home, posted on social media this photo of loot acquired from the "parental units." Aww ...

Recently, Risa read an article, which she cannot find now, about an observed cultural phenomenon among Vietnamese, or Vietnamese immigrants in the U.S., to the effect that the current elder generation worked to send the children to college, then to acquire access to a bit of land, and upon retirement concentrates on supplying their extended family with vegetables. It's absolutely the way to go and Risa strongly recommends it: if you're done with the nine to five and you have family, get out there and feed them. Remember, subsistence is income and not taxed; and world agriculture is in trouble and will get worse. Subsistence strikes at the very heart of the rich-me-poor-you system currently in place, so wherever you can grow some vegs (hopefully non-Monsanto), please! Do so. And send th' kids home with home-grown love.


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