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Thursday, November 03, 2011

How to get there

Four thousand mile Amtrak trips. Coach.

How to get there is, you have your laptop, a batch of favorite DVDs, a book you're writing, tons of food, and a water bottle (not that kind) to refill at every opportunity. And a blanket. (unless you want to rent one). You people with the iPads and smart phones won't need the DVDs and don't have to wait to get to Washington DC to do your Internet time. The rest of us ... well, at least there's 110 at every seat now. Headset or earbud required, or as Risa often does it, just captions.

It helps to go during slack season when you have a good chance to get a pair of seats to yourself. Pull up the leg lifts, or whatever they are called, and spread out horizontally with your blanket. It's not the sleeping car, but it works.

In the daytime, which, on transcontinental trips, for some reason, is hard to come by, take pictures. There's plenty of good stuff. Here's the Octsnowber event getting underway in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.

Plenty of things to think about when you look at the cities. Here are some Sunday drivers in Chicago.

Spend time with other people. The Lounge car is good for this. But downstairs there are six dollar sandwiches and seven dollar beers, which is why you brought your own stuff.

And eventually, Home Sweet Home will appear in your viewfinder.


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