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Saturday, January 28, 2012


So, you're 62 now and the farming is giving you more aches and pains, or you're just noticing them more.

1. Take about a pound of flax seed and sew it up in a spare scrap of flannel, say from your kids' pajamas (that's what's good about the Empty Nest, yes?)

2. Go over to the wood stove and drop the bag in your Dutch Oven on top of a nice big trivet (if the trivet doesn't seem clean enough, you can put a bowl in on top of the trivet). There should be air space under the bag, you see.

3. Cover.

4. Later, as you're passing by, remember that you did this, retrieve the bag and drape it around your neck, shoulder, across lower back as you sit in rocking chair, wherever it's needed.


Repeat 2 through 4 as needed.


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