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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just the thing

We've been mucking out the poultry barn onto the garden beds. Last Son was here yesterday, and did most of the work. For a proper meditation on the joys of this activity (much better than anything you'd see here), run over to Trapper Creek.

I take these pictures from the roof, which, being poorly designed for our monsoons, is easily walked about on. Perspective is a bit odd to me -- the far beds are the same size as the two middle ones in the foreground -- three by fifty feet. You can see the Chicken Moat pretty well from here -- the ducks are hanging out in the far corner. Click pic for better view.

Walking to the other end of the roof, I look out over the hoped-for future pasture across the creek, where I currently have rotating potato patches.

The one on the right is last year's and is planted in favas. The one on the left is this year's and has no potatoes in it yet. It's a lasagna of cardboard and straw and is mellowing in anticipation of planting in a couple of months. At upper left, you can see one of the neighbor's horses, and beyond that there is a dusting of snow on a clear-cut in the mountains.

I got just chilly enough on the roof, though there was no breeze to speak of, that on returning into the house I needed a warm project.

Apple-pumpkin rolls! Just the thing.


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