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Thursday, May 10, 2012

An early bedtime saves fuel

Kerosene is a fossil fuel, but sometimes these lamps are the way to go, such as during power outages. Keep the blackened end of the wick scissored away, finished on a gentle curve like that of a trimmed fingernail. Avoid colored "lamp oils"; if you want the traditional red reservoir, do it the way the Ingalls family did, by putting in red bits of cloth. The refraction will do a very convincing job and is a nice touch.

Clean the chimney every day in order get the most light. When lighting, set asiide the chimney, roll the wick up so that the match can kiss it alight, replace the chimney quickly, observe the yellow, smoky flame, then slowly roll the wick back down till the smoking stops and the light brightens.

Now be careful not to tip the thing over! And do necessary chores that can be handled with such low lighting. I would avoid reading or sewing. Consider sitting around singing together instead. An early bedtime saves fuel and wakes you up in time to use all the daylight.

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