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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nope, not done yet

So, summer is half done... and so is the woodpile.

Chain saw, saw table (pallet plus wheelbarrow), Risa, glass of water, chair, hat, woodshed, oil, radio, finished wood, chopping block, woodpile. As you can see we stock smallwood. Most of the unsplit blocks here are maple. This new wood is not as dry as the old wood, which is okay; we'd take from the bin on the right until the bin on the left is ready. Maple is easier to split than Douglas fir. The woodshed is in shade, but as the day heats up past eighty, Risa will probably drop this activity and go inside, perhaps to put up this blog post.

Across from her she can see the garden. A soaker hose is replenishing the corn. Apples are dropping. A hen pecks an apple experimentally. Nope, not done yet.


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