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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cleaning out the pea vines

Risa picks the last peas and drops them in a chilled bowl of vinegar water.
Then she unties the beanpoles and tee posts and stacks them for next year.
If too fragile the beanpoles become kindling.Every year she cuts a few more poles
from the coppice or from the knotweed patch.
The pea vines are separated from the kale and such that had been growing beneath them.
They are thrown over the fence to the chickens. When the chickens are done with
them, they're retrieved and used as mulch around the place.
She winds up the baling twine that held together the trellis to store away
from sunlight. She mulches and waters the greens that have been newly
exposed to the sun. Steps into the shade, rings the gratitude bell, and
eats the freshly "pickled" peas.


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