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Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer squash for winter

Blimps -- we won't use these at the dinner table.
We can soften them on the stove a bit, slice them up and feed to the poultry.

Or slice thin to dehydrate for soups, stews, egg dishes, and breads.
The pulp and half-formed seeds add a surprising amount of protein.

It's a winter staple, says Carol Deppe.
I like to dip the slices in vinegar and salt --
this about half vinegar, half water here.

Yes, this is a solar dryer. It's composed of found materials and it works.
Simply build your box  to the size of your window and ventilate at each end.
 Egg cartons will do for your trays if nothing better is at hand.

Arrange your slices so they get lots of sun and air...

... tip your dryer toward the sun and let stand for a few days.
In hot, dry weather two days may be enough.

The vinegar can be used afterward to clean glass.

Any left over can provide a nice tang to salad or stir fry ingredients.
 Or use to kill a few weeds...


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